About Expert Billing Service

Expert Billing Service was established in 1999. Ida Griffin-Owner has a B.A in Business Administration along with 18 years of experience in medical and psychotherapy billing. Her experience is including, but not limited to, internal medicine, psychotherapy, rheumatology, cardiology, nuclear cardiology, obstetrics, internal medicine, pain addiction and orthopedics. She is detail-oriented and meticulous when it comes to billing. Because she is so conscientious, she has been able to bring previous accounts receivables down by 65%, bringing in 100K average in outstanding revenue. She has been able to accomplish this task for three separate physicians, on three separate occasions.

Medical billing is tricky and constantly changing. We have the knowledge and experience that dictates that we take the time to review your accounts in fine detail, to ensure you the maximum reimbursement. We stay abreast of the frequent updates to changes in our field by networking and attending billing seminars and work shops.

Patient privacy and HIPAA confidentiality is taken very seriously at Expert Billing Service. We adhere to the strictest confidentiality requirements with regard to your practice and the privacy of your patients. We take cautious and thorough steps to ensure that we follow all collection rules.

We understand that the billing service you utilize is an extension of your office, and therefore, your patients receive the utmost compassionate and considerate customer service from us. We put them first by returning their messages in a timely manner. We understand that without patient satisfaction we would all be out of jobs.

Expert Billing Service offers free consultation in order to get you started toward the peace of mind you deserve.
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