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I met Ida Griffin in 1996 at the Arthritis Institute of Santa Barbara. Ida's main responsibility was the medical billing and collections of the three physicians. She handled these tasks in an outstanding manner. Her exceptional knowledge of computerized medical billing allows her to handle and settle claims which have been pending from the time before she joined our office. She was able to bring our receivables down by 60% Ida's competence, friendly and cooperative manner was highly respected by all coworkers in the office. Since opening my own practice I have utilized her expertise services for my private practice since 1999.
Hans R. Barthel M.D.

I cannot tell you how much easier and less stressful my life has become since I decided to employ Expert Billing Service. The services that Expert Billing Service provides have proven to be invaluable to me. Ida Griffin is professional, efficient, and responsible. She is quick to respond to any questions I may have with clear and thorough responses. Because of Ida I'm able to do the work I love to do without having to do the job that Ida does so very well. I can't recommend her services enough. They have exceeded all my expectations!
Sheryl Stewart, L.M.F.T.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Salinas, California

I am a registered dietitian in the Salinas area that launched my own private practice in 2012. I was unfamiliar with medical billing and desired to find a competent local service to work with. I feel very fortunate that I found Expert Billing Services (Ida Griffin). Medical billing for nutritional therapy was a new venue for Ida, but she effectively set up a revenue generating billing system. Ida’s organization, timeliness, knowledge and work ethic are impeccable. I know I can count on Ida to find a solution to any billing issue that may arise. I can’t imagine running my business without her!

Stephanie Bouquet, MS, RD, CSSD, CDE
SB Nutrition
110 John Street
Salinas, CA 93901

I am a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist practicing in Monterey County. When I began my practice, I attempted to do my billings myself. After discovering the hours it was taking me to do the billings and collections, as well as all the time spent on the phone with insurance companies, I decided I needed to find a competent medical billing business that could do it for me. I was so fortunate to have found Ida Griffin’s Expert Billing service. Ida quickly got my billings current. She was also able to reconcile unpaid bills from the past year and bring those current. She is professional and articulate in dealing with insurance companies and the clients I serve. Ida has saved me so much time and money, I could not recommend her more highly to anyone needing “Expert” billing services.

Cheryl D. Fernandez, LMFT
President, Monterey County Marriage Family Association (MC-CAMFT)

To whom it may concern:

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, currently living in New York City. While residing in Santa Barbara, CA, from 2005 to 2008, I had the pleasure of working with Ida Griffin, at a respectable non-profit agency that treats child abuse and domestic violence. My position was family therapist, and Ida was in charge of all billing and other administrative responsibilities.

Ida was always efficient, knowledgeable, and thorough in her work. Besides her competency and dependability, she also consistently displayed an upbeat, caring, and positive attitude. When there was something she needed to correct regarding other people's work, she always did it with grace, kindness, and a sense of willingness to assist in getting any problem solved. She was one of the few people, on the large staff, who got along well with nearly every other person there, regardless of position. In addition, the content with which we coped in that setting was emotionally challenging and profound, and Ida displayed emotional maturity and compassion, besides a receptivity to learning and educating herself on issues previously foreign to her. It follows that she is versatile, can work in a variety of settings, and is able to conduct billing tasks for a myriad of different companies.

It is always a challenge of late, to find an employee who is not only competent, but who also possesses superior interpersonal skills and patience, who knows how to be serious and get the job done, but who also can be lighthearted amongst colleagues when appropriate, thereby contributing to high morale and healthy camaraderie.

Ida is a stellar choice for all of your billing needs and beyond. Our loss is someone else's gain!

Sarah Margolin, LMFT
New York, New York

If you want your billing done right then Ida is the one you want! Since working with her this past year the revenue at our Dr.'s office has gone up 100%. She gets the job done!

Angelica Molano M.A.

Ida's efficiency in creating systems to improve the collection of client fees is an important element in helping us keep fiscally responsible. Her combination of tact and firmness in talking with stressed clients was another element that contributed to the efficiency with which she manages our program accounts.

Elizabeth Rumelt LCSW
Director, Center-Based Services

I have had the privilege to work with Ida whom I find very efficient, pleasant, punctual, knowledgeable and diplomatic. If there is ever a question about a problem she would always come up with a solution. She always has a positive attitude and is pleasant to work with.

Ofelia Pequeno C.N.A.

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